TfL Pride 2023 poster campaign

TfL hosted a design competition for colleagues to create their own art and poetry that reflect their experience of Pride, and my poster was chosen to be displayed across the TfL network.

In previous years, TfL had comissioned a pride campaign from a known artist or from their internal TfL Design team, however in 2023 they chose to host a competition amongst colleagues to create artwork and poetry based on their own experiences of Pride.

My submission was based on the iconic symbol of the London Tube Map, using the many colours on it to form the Philadelphia pride flag, originally created by the marketing agency Tierney in June 2017, and approved by the city of Philadelphia to be part of a citywide “More Color More Pride” campaign after several high-profile stories exposing racism within the LGBTQ+ community in the city.

A total of designs, including my own, were chosen to be published in various stations across the TfL network: Green Park, Vauxhall, and Victoria. Other posters included poems and photos, along with other digital artwork. These can be seen for the duration of Pride month in 2023.

Photo of my pride poster in situ on a tiled wall at Vauxhall station
Small illustration of the Dean Street end of platform A at Tottenham Court Road.

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