OLE Book Cover

The cover for the 6th edition of `Overhead Line Electrification for Railways` by Garry Keenor, with an illustration of a class 350 train and its HS-P Mark 1 pantograph.

For my first venture into print media, I designed the cover for the 6th edition of Garry Keeno's "Overhead Line Electrification for Railways" book (essentially the railway electrification Bible).

After a very successful Kickstart campaign by Garry, with a total of £12,057 raised out of the goal of £4,200, 290 copies of the book have been printed with my class 350 train illustration gracing the cover.

For those interested, a second run of hardcover copies of the book is now available for pre-order on the PWI website for delivery in early August of 2022; or you can treat yourself to a free PDF copy of the book on Garry's website.

I would like to greatly thank Garry Keenor for trusting me with his book as it was a great learning experience, and because the feeling of having several hundred books out there with my drawing on the front is just absolutely amazing.

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Want a free PDF copy of Overhead Line Electrification for Railways?

"I engaged Arturs based on their excellent graphic work on the Progress Train social media campaign. Despite it being their first time designing for print media, they immediately grasped my rather sketchy concept and delivered a fantastic design that is now the "face" of my book. They were very collaborative and also great at working to deadlines. I'd recommend Arturs to anyone."

- Garry Keenor, author, Overhead Electrification for Railways


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